Sunday, December 12, 2010

its my birthday larh...

wiee.. 11th December 2010!
this date gave me 2 meanings
my 20th birthday.. n
a year of annivessary for me n him
wahh.. tak sangka da setahun da ak ngn die
we had a good relationship where we just like buddies.. hoho
*buddies with special relation laa..*
hope there will be another year of me n him..
n it keep going with another year n another..

for my birthday,
i wish to be a better person than yesterday
keep my determination to success in my studies..
keep a good relationship with others
make more frens, not making more enemy.. hihi

thankz to all families, cousins, love, friends for wishing me..
actually sebak mlm tu, tp try to cover macho laa.. hoho

**nk cheese cake.. lme xmkn.. mngidam nih... ;P

p/s: love u'ollzz.. haha muahhx *gedik sket

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