Wednesday, February 9, 2011

IniAnwarHadi.. cutenyeewww~

in this entry, i would talk about this guy..

this guy called himself as anwarhadi.
1st time tgk video die kt page kwn aku.

and i fall in love with him at first sight!

this video that i show u is funny..
byk kali tgk pon aku still ley tergelak. hehehe
gaye die sgt mnarik prhatian ku..

wow! *poyonye* but seriously i like this guy..
when u have time, check out la his vdeo.
his english was awesome!
FYI, die bdk TESL tau
*mmg padan la ngn language die kan..

die ade pages jugak yee
biase laa, org popular jek ade pages ni. hehe
check out la this guy
semua video die best and ade kebenaran pd kate2nye
i dont know what u think about him
for me, i loike him! hehe
*gedikks nyee*

p/s: jatuh cinta pandang prtama..

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