Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Love story


Psst2! I have a new love story laa,(lep lep) it's hard to tell but this relationship been develop in a complicated ways and with many obstacle. hee~ for me, all the problems and obstacle is a test to know how strong we can defend our relationship and it make us feel more close to each other.

cek lolly taw semua mesti cakap "baru2 bercinta, memangla rasa berbunga2". err betul ke baru2 bercinta je kita dapat merasai perasaan tu? can we make the day feels in the air everyday? LET's TRY !! hee~ cek lolly taw kita tak boleh berharap sangat dalam sesuatu hubungan tu, kite cume boleh berdoa dan mengharapkan sesuatu yang terbaek la kann... that's what i'm doing right now and enjoy the feeling of new love.. weee~

when there is more time, i will tell more about our story.. * if i have time la kann... :P

p/s: i love you, AK


biNtang said...

amboi3.. HAHA! :P

Lolita's said...

erkk.. malu2! *blushing* hehehe

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