Saturday, May 28, 2011

The power of your words


Not only weapon can hurt people, words is much more dangerous taww hehe. Don't think that everything we said is right and will pleased everyone around us. every single word that we said can changes peoples live and might kill them too.. errghh, that's creepy...

somehow, what we said everyday will effect anything that links to it. what we need to do is think before said something and make sure what u said is relevant..

Actually i have the problem of talk without thinking and i always remind myself to just SHUT UP before someone kills you.. hee~

but thanks to my friends that understand my way and know that i'm just joking although its a bit rough la kan...hehehe

here i want to share a video that proves the power of word.. enjoice~ :)

p/s: me myself had a problem with my killing words.. =.="

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