Friday, September 16, 2011

Not everything is easy


I got a long leave writing this blog because i need to write my assignment. Erghh, assignments wont stop until i graduate. I always motivate my self that this is my last semester, "so ajue, do your best! ". And i wanna shared with u'olls a pictures that motivate me a lot! hehe..

*really love his confidence face! ;)

Everyone thought everyone think that my course is best just because we don't have to sit for exam! hee~ THAT'S NOT TRUE.. It is more hard than u'oll can imagine. After i have been studying HND Software development for 3 1/2 years, clearly it is not a simple subject. i have been through many types of pressure and it is really really really tired.

But alhamdulillah, i still made it to the final semester and i hope this last semester will lead me to a better future. Aminn.. ^^,

p/s: gonna continue writing my assignments ! demm! thats really tired =.="


Kidd Fallen said...

amin~ haha
er, kau sure muka budak tu muka confident ke? tah tah pampers dahh bau semacam je. mandaii je kau. HAHA XD

Lolita's said...

haha! mke cnfident tu kott.
tgk gaye mulut die tu.. hoho :P

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