Thursday, June 23, 2011

Know more about your Feeling


Love is really difficult to understand and it gets a lot of ways people can trick using it. We are often fooled by this feelings of LOVE. But there are people who don't know whether they really fall in love or it just a feeling that can exist with other people.

Do you really think that your feeling towards him/her is called L.O.V.E ??

Lets see some of your reaction every time you met him/her.... and what does it means actually. ;)

1. When your palms get sweaty, you got a heart racing and suddenly you got stutter
- That ain't LOVE, it's LIKE

2. When you can't keep your eyes or hands off her
- That ain't LOVE, it's LUST

3. When you want him/her by your side because you know he's/she's there
- That ain't LOVE, it's LONELINESS

4. When you stay for her confession of love becoz you don't want to hurt her
- That ain't LOVE, it's PITY

5. When you pardon for him/her faults becoz you care about her
- That ain't LOVE, it's FRIENDSHIP

6. When you tell her that everyday he/she is the only person that you think of
- That ain't LOVE, it's a LIE

7. When you r willing to give all of your favorite things to him/her
- That ain't LOVE, it's CHARITY

Now get ready to know whether u really fall in LOVE with someone..

1. You get heart ache and breaks when he's/she's sad
- It's LOVE

2. You cry for him/her pain even when he's/she's strong
- It's LOVE

3. You accept her faults becoz it's a part of who she is
- It's LOVE

4. You attract to others but you stay with him/her faithfully without regret
- It's LOVE

5. You r willing to give him/her your heart, your life, your death!
- It's LOVE

6. His/her eyes see your true heart and touch your soul so deeply until it hurts
- It's LOVE

p/s: it's not originally by me.. it's from unknown people


UNKNOWN said...

interesting. heee :)

Lolita's said...

found it somewhere.. ;)

Terbelog said...

power of love:)

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