Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The war has begin!


Now i'm on holiday before i register for the last sem as a HND student in KPM Beranang. it' s the war that i need to win to get the golden result! errghh, i got to admit that my result drop like a roller coaster and stuck at the bottom.

just waiting the roller coaster to goes up and hoping it is not broke down. T__T . i don't know what is the problem, but definitely the problem come from my own self. Need to fix, repair, update and service my brain for next sem.. hehe

Another war that i need to handle is the my WORLD WAR . it is the war of forgetting the PAST. actually, the war is about forgetting the past that keep playing in my mind.. this time i have a big problem in forgetting it. =.="

i'm thinking of asking an opinion from everyone about what is the best way to forget it all besides of MEMORY LOSS or HITTING MY HEAD TO THE WALL la kan.. hehe

ceciter... ceciter... ngee~

p/s: got no idea what i'm writing here.. =.="


Slay Away said...

semoga dapat buat yang terbaik kita semua.haha

Lolita's said...

yeahh! gud luck for us all! ;)

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