Sunday, September 5, 2010

ONE is better??

which one is better for u guys? one or two? being single or couple? for me, its just the same. both are difficult to handle.

when we are single
-->we surely want a couple who can accompany us whenever we are alone, whenever we got problems. we want someone to share our secret. surely a person that so special for us.

when we have partner
-->we feel like we has been strictly confined by our partner. everything we do must have his permission. we cannot do anything without him. we cannot get connected with other guy.

OMG, it is difficult to make a decision right?

from my opinion, everything is depend on the person. maybe its better being alone rather than have a partner. when we have partner, everything we do is being watching and we have additional heart to be keep.

which option would you choose??

p/s: i choose ONE

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